Friday, August 11, 2017

The Beautiful Gym Life

You love your workout. The clock tickles at your regular workout time & if you are not at Gym you're feeling like cheating. You love that atmosphere, Your pre & post workout stretches, gives you boost. You don't belong whether the music is there or not you just want to follow your schedule. You love to experiment, You want to increase your weights, but you don't want to do this with the wrong form at the same time. You don't need a trainer to count your sets. It is a meditation for you. You don't even remember your worries, Office deadlines or any disputes of the personal life while lifting weights.
You don't like bumping the dumbbells on the flooring of the gym by others as Dumbbells are your best friends. You want to treat them with dignity. You are willing to guide a new comer with a proper form of Calves or dead lift. But you don't want much babbling while your workout. You just want to focus. You love to be guided on the correct form by a trainer or senior member. You want to hold your plank more than the last set. You are surrounded by sounds of pushing oneself to the next level, ''One more set to go, Yes, you can do it Champ''.
You adore Gym mates, who have owned their fitness & still going strong. You just want to be like them. And by the meantime some unknown Gym mate rushes to you and says 'Wow, you have lost so much weight, that too in small period' Or Your gym trainer asks you 'Madam, I want your after & Before photos, You have done well' You just Smile & Thank them And while gulping your favorite Whey you tell him " After some time sir, अभी तो बस शुरुवात है!"